Asciipaint was what i consider my first “successful” web venture. It was done in GWT, and it lets you draw ascii art on a web page.


Soundheap was motivated by a lack of good ogg vorbis encoders on the android. This project does not solve that problem, but it is a working ogg vorbis encoder!


This is the real result from soundheap. The following is an android wrapper for the ogg vorbis encoder / decoder. This offers a very familiar FileOutputStream styled interface to this module.


This is a school project turned into a personal project. Its goal is to provide a simple, well-documented framework that allows agents to survive in spaces where information is uncertain.

One thought on “Projects

  1. Libogg-vorbis-android looks great! However, it appears part of it wasn’t added and commited to repository.

    When I open the project in Eclipse I get “Project ‘libogg-vorbis’ is missing required source folder: ‘unit'”, and an error about missing libogg-vorbis.jar.

    One other thing, what is “broken” about the Github Soundheap project? Is it something similar?

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